Saturday, 30 October 2010

Guide to partner stretching

1) For best results carry out stretches after a workout or after a thorough warm up.

2) Hold the muscle under tension at the point of bind until relaxation. This usually takes approximately 30-40 seconds.

3) Once relaxed, take the stretch a little bit further whilst maintaining a controlled breathing pattern.

4) Continue to hold the stretch for a further 30-40 seconds or until your partner feels the muscle relax.

5) Once the muscle has relaxed ask your partner to take a deep breath in. As they breathe out start to push the stretch further.

6) Repeat the process of stretching the muscle and relaxing until maximum stretch has been achieved.

7) During the stretching talk to your partner to make sure they are comfortable.

8) Do not rush; take your time to achieve maximum benefit from your stretching.

9) The greatest advances in stretching are achieved when you are completely relaxed.

10) You should stretch after every workout or session that you participate in to help recovery of your muscles and reduce soreness.

11) Make sure you balance your stretching routine, if you stretch one muscle group (Agonist) be sure to stretch the opposite muscle group (Antagonist). For example, if you are stretching the Hamstrings, also stretch the Quadriceps.

12) For greater flexibility a stretching routine should be carried out every day.