Sunday, 12 February 2012

Unite Tae Kwon Do kicks off 2012 with two successful workshops...

Self Defence Workshops

On February 11th Unite TKD hosted two, well-attended self defence workshops for junior and adult students. The workshops were taught by Mr Terry Neill, a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, but also an accomplished 2nd Dan black belt Instructor in Ju Jitsu.
The workshops covered techniques transferable to the TKDSOE grading syllabus, including: take downs, sweeps, wrist locks, ground defence, throws and knife defence. Each workshop finished with a pressure test drill in which each student had to defend against the other students using techniques they had learnt and practised earlier.

Unite Instructors, Sarah and Kai Wilson, were really pleased with everyone that took part. Sarah said, “Everyone that attended came away with some effective techniques they can use in their training. It was brilliant to see even some of our newest white belt students dealing confidently with attackers in the pressurised end drill. Well done to them! A big thank you also to Mr Neill for sharing his passion for self defence.”

The club plans to hold further self defence workshops in the future.

Click HERE for a link to the video of this workshop.

Escrima workshops

On January 27th Unite hosted two weapons workshops taught by Master Russell Perks, Mr Matthew Ballard and Mr Cameron Lowe. In 2011 Master Perks gave Unite students an introduction to the stick and knife fighting art from the Philippines. The event was so successful that another workshop was sure to attract students eager to learn more. 38 students- adults and juniors- attended in total, including lots of new white belt students.
Students covered lots in the sessions; including coordination drills, single stick disarms, double stick and stick and knife drills. The juniors also got chance to hit Mr Ballard, which they all seemed to enjoy very much! Luckily for him he was wearing protective armour.

Unite Instructors Sarah and Kai Wilson are definitely looking to put on further weapons workshops in the coming months, as it adds something different to their students’ knowledge base, but also provides transferable skills that they can use in their Tae Kwon Do training.

A big thank you to Master Perks, Mr. Ballard and Mr. Lowe for a great weapons class.

Click HERE for a link to the video of the workshop.